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During our discussion about another Rare Raga, Vandanadharini, I made a reference about this raga, Sindhuramakriya. This is because there are two compositions by GNB (Vandanadharini) and Saint Thyagaraja (Sindhuramakriya), beginning with same pallavi, “Sudha madhurya” – if we search in the web for any of these, both the clips will appear together, making the listener confused.

Today’s discussion is about Sindhuramakriya, a janya of mela (15) Mayamalavagoula ragam. The commonly accepted notes:

S G3 M1 P D1 N3 S // S N3 P M1 G3 R1 G3 S,

The arohanam losing R1 and avarohanam, D1 – a shadava vakra-shadava ragam.

Ragavardhini shows different specifications to this raga as:

S R1 M1 P D1 N3 D1 S // S N3 P M1 R1 G3 R1 S - (MMG janya)

S G1 M2 P D1 N1 S // S N1 P D1 M2 G1 S - (Janya of mela-37, Salagam)

Ragapravaham, however assigns it to MMG only,

S G M P D N S // S N P D P M G S

S R M P D N D S // S N P M R G R S

S G M P D N S // S N P M G R G S

S G M P D N S // S N P D M G S

S G M P D N S // S N D P M G S

Compositions available:

Devadi deva – Thyagaraja

Sudha madhurya – Thyagaraja

Sadashivena Shankarena – Dikshithar

Kailasa vasam – Muthaiah Bhagavathar

Chinthaya sada – J.C.Wodeyar

Though the number of compositions is very limited, all the above, except the Dikshithar krithi, are heard sung by musicians. There are also few, who believe that Sindhuramakriya is the old name, changed now to Shubha panthuvarali (like Madhyamadi changed to Madhyamavathi).

Let us come to the Thyagaraja krithi, ‘Devadi deva’ in this raga. In this composition, Saint Thyagaraja praises Lord Siva - Lord of the Devas! SadAshiva! You possess the sun, the moon, and fire as your three eyes. You are beyond the reach of even Brahma, Indra, and others. Peace and calm are your ornaments. Paramashiva! Lord of PArvati, wearing the crescent moon, and with a blue neck with the effulgence of a million suns, worshipped by Vishnu. Friend and relative of those who have none to care for them! Sporting a gentle smile on your face, condescend to grant me devotion to your feet.

Here is a very divine rendition by Bharat Ratna M.S.Subbulakshmi

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