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For his improvisation technique in Chemical Apparatus, Radhakrishnan had been admitted to the Fellowship of the Indian Chemical Society in 1975. In March 2019, he was conferred Honorary Doctorate (D.Litt.) by the International Tamil University, U.S.A., for his contributions to Carnatic Musicology.

Sri. M.Radhakrishnan (Radhakrishnan Murickanattu) is a well known person in social media as author of various articles related to ragas, composers etc.; many of his articles have been shared in various carnatic groups. Mostly these are all related to musicology and works of legendary composers.


Sri. Radhakrishnan was born on 7th October, 1947, in a family of Musicians and his interest in Carnatic music came to him from his father, Kumarakam Sri. Sankara Kurup (1910-1948), a well-known vocalist till mid-1940’s after which he accompanied many prominent vocalists on mridangam. During early years, Radhakrishnan got his training in carnatic music from Kalakshetra, Kottayam; later he had to discontinue the same. He got his Bachelor and Masters Degree in Chemistry from University of Kerala. He joined C.M.S.College, Kottayam as Junior Lecturer; later at Government and Private colleges in Kerala and Tamilnadu as Assistant Professor and Visiting Professor under MK University, Madurai. For about 22 years, he served in UAE as Marine Safety Engineer and then as an entrepreneur in Kerala, till 2013. Since then, he is working on carnatic music and musicology.

During his period of service in Madurai, he got the very rare chance to be under the tutelage of Ramanathapuram Sri. C.S.Sankarasivam, a veteran musician, composer and guru, from the direct lineage of Sadguru Thyagaraja, as also a direct disciple of Gayakashikhamani Harikeshanallur Dr. Muthaiah Bhagavathar and the First Principal of Sri Sadguru Samajam, Madurai for several years and part of the Music Academy's Experts Committee.

Sri. Radhakrishnan is well versed in Tamil; he has written text books in Chemistry for Tamil medium Students, also, along with his few friends, translated an English Book, ‘Chemistry of Life’ into Tamil (Uyirin vethi iyal). While in UAE, he received so many awards, including the G. Aravindan Award for the Best Director in Drama competitions. He was actively involved in the activities of Indian Association Sharjah. Radhakrishnan, though not trained, has done many Mural Paintings also.

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