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We have seen in the introductory post, as to the origin of this composition. The opening line Srinathandi-guruguho-jayati-jayati, bows to all the deities and Gurus of the Sri Vidya traditions. This is composed in the mela ragam (15) Mayamalavagoula; the mantra of Sri Vidya also has fifteen matras (syllables). Sri Dikshitar, in this Kriti, submits to his Guru, the Lord of the Universe, and all the Gurus of the Kadi Matha of the Sri Vidya tradition. And, to the Srividya Parabhattarika, the supreme Mother Goddess, who is invoked by the mantra beginning with Ka and ending with Ma (The Kadi Vidya of Sri Manmatha runs: KA, E, I, LA , HRIM- vagbhavakuṭa), residing in the centre of the Mani Chakra which resembles a thousand-petalled lotus. And, to Maheshwara the Lord who obliterates all types of illusions and delusions; who is meditated upon constantly by Hamsa mantra , the Ajapa-japa (you breath out with a sound of ’Sa’; and you breath in with a sound of ‘Ha’; and, throughout the day and night you perform this Hamsa Japa ( I am He , Shivo Hum, I am Shiva) , continuously , instinctly and with ease , without being aware of your doing so. This effortless and ceaseless Japa is called Ajapa-japa). And, to the Guruguha, Skanda, who is worshiped by kings of Mayamalava Gaula Desha and others; who is surrounded by Vishnu and other gods; and, who has expounded the real truth of Pranava to His father Mahesha.

In terms of Music, the first line of the Pallavi (Srinathandi-guruguho-jayati -jayati) summarizes all the ascending (Arohana) and descending (Avarohana) notes of the Mayamalava gaula: “SA RI Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni SA Ni Dha Pa Ma Ga Ri”, in all the three speeds (kaala). And, in regard to Sahitya , the prathama-akshara- prasa in the Charana and in the Madhyama-kaala–sahitya is very interesting , where each line commences with ma or Ma.

I do not want to lengthen this; just cannot but mention that this composition, the first of Sri. Dikshithar, is the First in the Guruguha Vibhakthi krithis; as also it is in First vibhakthi - Nominative; also on the Dity of Tiruttani. Let us listen to a divine rendition of this by two grets, Smt. D.K.Pattammal & Sri. D.K.Jayaraman.

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