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This is another Rarest of the rare ragas; possibly created by Thyagaraja, since none of the other Trinities nor any composer before has set their hands in this raga. Jayanarayani loses the Kaishiki Nishadam (N2) from the arohanam of Kharaharapriya; that it can be represented as:

S R2 G2 M1 P D2 S // S N2 D2 P M1 G2 R2 S

Ragapravaham by D.Pattammal also confirms the same ragaswaroopa, while there is no reference in SSP.

Though there are few ktithis composed in the raga by later composers, but only the Thyagaraja krithi seems to be somewhat popular.


Manavinivinuma – Thyagaraja

Shri trayeemurte - Dr. Muthiah Bhagavathar

Inroru pudunal - Periyasami Tooran

Ashaiyait-tIrppai - Suddhaananda Bharathi

Kaddu ledani - Veenai Kuppaiyer

We shall discuss on the Thyagaraja krithi, ‘manavini vinuma’. In this krithi, Thyagaraja pleads with Lord to listen to his appeal. Thyagaraja has rightly chosen the raga to convey intense feeling of devotion. The lyrics:


manavini vinumA marava samayamA


kanugona gOri duSkalpana mAniti kanikaramuna ninu bADucunna nA


parulaku hitamagu bhAvana gAni ceracu mArgamula jintimpa lEnu

parama dayAkara bhakta manOhara dharAdhipa karArcita tyAgarAju”



Please hear this appeal, is it time to forget it


With a wish to see you, I left off all evil thoughts,

And am always singing your praise ,


I have always been thinking of the good of others,

And never ever thought of doing evil to others,

Oh Lord with very great mercy, who steals the mind of devotees,

Oh Lord who is being worshipped by kings please hear the appeal of Thyagaraja”

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