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The most commonly known Navavarana krithis are:

1. Kamalamba Navavarana krithis by Muthuswami Dikshithar

2. Kamakshi Navavarana krithis by Oothukad Venkatasubbaiyer

Various other sets of krithis are said to be Navavaranams, like:

1. Abhayamba Vibhakthi krithis by Dikshithar (mostly referred as Abhayamba Navavarana krithis in various sites)

2. Meenakshi Navarathna maalika by M.M.Dandapani Deshikar (referred as Meenakshi Navavaranam).

There are still more of this type; so many ‘Vibhakthi’ krithis are designated as ‘Navavaranams’; but NONE of these krithis are composed as per the nine avaranams of the Sri Chakra.

There are few other very rarely heard sets of compositions, which fulfil all the requirements of the Navavarana concept.

1. Sri Lalitha Navavarana krithi maala by Brahmasri Kollegal R. Subramanyam

2. Bhuvaneswari Navavaranam by Pudukkottai Adhisthanam (Sahithyam: V.Ramayya)

3. Sarvamangala Navavaranam, composed by Sri Rajagopala Sharma, a patron of

Rajarajeswari temple Nanganallur Chennai.

4. Sri Rajarajeswari Navavarana krithis by Ganapathi Sacchidananda

5. Navavarana krithis by Andavan Pichai.

We shall discuss all the above one by one.

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