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Today, we are dealing with a very interesting Rare ragam, from the Prathimadhyama group; janya of mela ragam PAvani – called Chandrajyothi. The name of the raga is too popular as well as the Thyagaraja krithi, “BAgAyanayya” also is frequently heard in concerts. It is a very pleasing ragam; more popular than its janaka raga also; still we have only a few compositions in this raga, out of which only a couple have reached the concert platform. This is a shadava raga, Nishadam being absent; so it can also be derived from mela (40) ragam Navaneetham also. The Suddha Gandharam (G1) gives the special feel for the raga. The ragaswaroopa can be found as: S R1 G1 M2 P D2 S // S D2 P M2 G1 R1 S Chandrajyothi also is a raga, the exact origin of which is not known; but for sure, it should be Sadguru’s creation – but for his two compositions, this raga would have been extinct from carnatic music. There is no reference found in most of the sources; only that Ragapravaham by Smt. D.Pattammal gives the various possible specifications under mela ragas 26, 41 and 47. Under mela (26) Charukesi: S R G M P D N S // S N D P G M R S

Under mela (41) Pavani: S R G M P D S // S D P M G R S (same as the one followed) S R G M P D P N S // S N P D M G R S S R G M P D P N S // S N P D P M G R G S And under mela (47) Suvarnangi: S R G M P N S // S N P M G R S S R G M P D S // S D P M G R S Compositions: Bagayanayya - Thyagaraja Shashivadana - Thyagaraja Nirutta Ganapathiye – Dr. Balamuraleekrishna Idayakkovilil - Vaali Nathapame theerchu - K.Ramaraj We shall take the most popular composition of Sadguru Thyagaraja, “BAgAyanayya” for discussion. In this composition, the Saint says that the teachings of Lord Krishna are (apparently) unintelligible and confusing that even Lord Brahma might not be able to comprehend them. Meaning: “O Lord praised by this tyAgarAja! Very grand indeed is Your magic! Is it possible even for brahmA to really comprehend it? While prescribing this secret formula, You also say ‘I am not saying’. That day, when You asked arjuna to subdue the kauravas, he said that war is a sin; didn’t You then nicely explain that ‘results of sins do not touch you and Me’?”

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