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Raga Kalkada (referred also as Kalgada). For sometime, the ragas Chinthamani, Kalkada, Manji etc were considered to be Eka-raga krithis, since only the Shyama Sastri krithis were available. Even now, Ragam Chinthamani remains so, the composition ‘Devi Bova’ is the only one available in the ragam. But regarding the others, more compositions were found to be available; they lost the status of the Eka-raga krithis, but still the Shyama Sastri krithi is the mostly sung in Kalkada.

Ragam Kalkada is Madhyama varja in the arohana only of the parent raga, the notes being: Aroh: S R1 G3 P D1 N1 S; Avaroh: S N1 D1 P M1 G3 R1 S (Also found as S G3 M1 D1 N1 S; S N1 D1 M1 G3 R1 S in some places)

Ragapravaham shows this as a Madhyama varja janya of mela (13) as:

S R G P D N S - S N D P G R S (There is also a raga by nam Kaltada mentioned under the same mela and same notes) As seen from the notes, it carries the vivadi combination of D1N1; but there is also another, Aroh : S R1 G3 P D2 N2 S; Avaroh: S N2 D2 P G3 R1 S (which contains notes from Chakravkam and more similar to Malayamarutham and also no vivadi notes).

Compositions: Parvathi ninnu - Shyama Sastri Samayamu emarake - Thyagaraja Ariyadar vambinai – Sudhananda Bharathi Seelam nee tha devanatha – Vedanayakam Pillai

Shyama sastri has composed a very beautiful krithi in this ragam "Parvathi ninnu nera", but there is a confusion in this. While most popular schools treat Kalkada as containing vivadi notes, Hyderabad brothers treat it as Chakravakam's Janyam. They sing it similar to Malayamarutham with notes, S R1 G3 P D2 N2 S; S N2 D2 P G3 R1 S. Still the rendition by Hyderabad Brothers is more appealing and having a real flow, rather than the conventional vivadi type. The main difference is the vivadi notes, D1 and N1 have been replaced by D2 and N2. Just to differenciate between the two types, both types are available in youtube.

Let us listen to the Kalkada as per the books; the Shyama Sastri krithi being rendered by the musicaian and musicologist, vidushi, Dr. T.S.Sathyavathi. (Please see the effect created by the vivadi swaras).

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