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(Please go through the Part-1 before continuing with this Part-2)

We have seen in Part (1) of this discussion, that a moderately known janya of mela (14) ragam Vakulabharanam is Vasanthabhairavi – a Panchama –varja raga, having configuration : S R1 G3 M1 D1 N2 S // S N2 D1 M1 G3 R1 S

But, it can be found that there is another janya of same Vakulabharanam, called “Kuvalayabharanam”, which also has the same notes. (a situation, as in the case of Arabhi and Devagandhari, having same notes; but distinguished by the speed, prayogas etc).

Kuvalayabharanam is a very minor raga; not at all heard in any concerts. Also, none of the Trinities have composed in this raga. This raga was popularized only by Sri. Madurai Somu; after whom, it has again gone to the dark. (No idea of who created this raga, but possibly, it may be only by Sri. Somu, who has created several unheard ragas till then). There is a small dispute seen in different sites giving the configuration as: S R1 G3 M1 D1 N1 S // S N1 D1 M1 G3 R1 S, using Shuddha Nishadam; but this is ruled out since the parent raga has N2 in the notes. (Also, if it is N1, it becomes janya of Gayakapriya mela).

Compositions: Neelakanta mahadeva - Ambujam Krishna Sankaranai thuthithadu - G.K.Bharathi

As it is already mentioned above, only the renditions of Sri. Somu could be found; we can experience the difference of this raga with Vasanthabhairavi. Please listen to the Gopalakrishna Bharathi composition, “Sankaranai Thuthithadu”

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