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Ragam Bindumalini is known only through the single composition of Saint Thyagaraja, “Entha muddo entha sogaso”. It is the Janya of the 16th Mela Chakravakam; though some musicians and musicologists are of opinion that it has more resemblance to Ahir Bhairavi, than Chakravakam. It is a Shadava-Shadava raga with vakra sancharas in both Arohanam and Avarohanam. Dha (D2) is dropped in the arohanam, while Ma (M1) is deleted in the avarohanam. It is an Upanga raga; can be sung at all times and is a minor auspicious raga. There is no equivalent of Bindumalini in Hindustani music. (Raga Bibhas has some resemblance). Bindumalini is a raga that can be sung always and admits of thristhayi swara sancharas; it gives a feel of pathos.The ragaswaroopa can be represented as:

S G3 R1 G3 M1 P N2 S // S N2 S D2 P G3 R1 S

While SSP does not have any reference about this raga, ‘Ragapravaham’ by D.Pattammal mentions it under both melas (15) Mayamalavagoula and (16) Chakravakam.

Under MMG,

S G R G M P N S // S N S D P G R S (same as the normal specification except D1 for D2).

Also, under Chakravakam, she gives the normally accepted notes (as given at the top); also,

S R M P N S // S P N D P G R G R S

S R G M G P N D S // S N D P G M G R S

S R G M G P D N P S // S N D P G M G R S

S R G M G P N S // S N D P G M R S

S G R M P D N P N S // S P N D P G R S

Compositions available:

Anbaka ennai kan par ambika - ?

Bhama shikhamani-Adi-Madurai G.S.Mani

Darshimpavachchu- -Sriramachandra Murti Sistla

Entamuddo enta sogaso -Thyagaraja

Govardhana giridhara govinda - ?

Jagadadharamu - Sriramachandra Murti Sistla

Jagadishvariye rajarajeshvari-Adi-R.Vishveshvaran

Kani nilam vendum - Subramania Bharati

Kaayile Pulippathenne - Subramania bharathi

Karana bhutudavu nivera - Sriramachandra Murti Sistla

Kshatriya kula samhara - Sriramachandra Murti Sistla

Merugu chekkula alamElumanga - Annamacharya

Monnu kongidi janokaiki - Natanagopalanayaki

Muchchataina muddu momu - Sriramachandra Murti Sistla

Orulevvaru - Sriramachandra Murti Sistla

Oru nAlum maravAtha – (not known)

Sama gana vilola - Sriramachandra Murti Sistla

Sheshadri vasa - Sriramachandra Murti Sistla

Shrila velayu svarupa - Sriramachandra Murti Sistla

Sundarangulaku - Sriramachandra Murti Sistla

Tadara tani tom dhru dhru dhim - Thillana -Chitravina N.Ravikiran

Tillana - Lalgudi G.Jayaraman

Also,”Ganalola karunala bala govinda mampahi” - RTP sung by Dr. Pantula Rama

It is to be noted that even though there are so many compositions, the Thyagaraja krithi maintains its status as the Eka-Raga krithi, being the only one heard widely; also which gives a proper idea of the sancharas and explanation of the raga. Some other songs are also found sung, but of academic interest only.

We shall take up the composition, ‘Enthamuddo’, made so popular by the Mandolin Wizard, Sri. U. Srinivas; he has the full credit of popularizing this raga and composition. In this composition, Sadguru Thyagaraja pities people who fall for lust without knowing the beauty of the Lord. The Saint explains:


How charming and how pretty! By whom is it possible to describe it?


No matter how great people are, they became besieged by thoughts of lust!


Ever fearing their mother-in-laws, having become slaves to lust,

(but) they put on the appearance of true devotees of the Lord;

it is indeed like the pot knowing the taste of its contents – milk; how charming and how pretty is the Lord – praised by this Thyagaraja – who bears burden of the Universe! By whom is it possible to describe it?

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