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One of the rarest ragas, created by Gayakashikhamani Harikeshanallur Muthaiah Bhagavathar. The name indicates a raga which is ranjaka (pleasing) to Lord Murugan. This is a shadava ragam, vakra in both arohanam and avarohanam; janya of mela ragam Harikambhoji. The arohanam misses the Anthara Gandharam (G3), also the Shadjam appears again in vakra; so also, the avarohanam misses the Chathusruthi Rishabham (R2) and the Kaishiki Nishadam (N2) appearing again in vakra. Only Ragapravaham by D.Pattammal gives a reference to this raga; also showing the normal configuration; so the ragaswaroopam can be shown as:

S R2 S M1 P D2 N2 S // S N2 D2 N2 P M1 G3 S

As already stated, this is a raga created by Dr. Muthaiah Bhagavathar; there are only two compositions found, both belonging to him – one on Lord Murugan and other on Goddess Lalitha.


Ikane talajalanura - Dr. Muthiah Bhagavatar

Navavarana sampoojye - ,,

In the composition, “Ikane talajalanura”, the composer describes and addresses the Lord as ‘mayil vahana’, shanmukha, Hari bhagineya (nephew of Lord Vishnu – Goddess Parvathi is considered Lord Vishnu’s sister).

We shall listen to a superb rendition of this composition by Padmabhushan T.N.Seshagopalan; belonging to Bhagavathar’s sishya parampara. (It can be noted that the absence of G3 in the arohanam gives a mild taste of Devamruthavarshini).

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