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A very rare raga, brought to light by the legendary vaggeyakara Sri. G.N.Balasubramaniam is Saranga Tarangini. This raga is a janya of mela (65) raga Mecha Kalyani, losing Gandharam (G3) in both directions; so that the ragaswaroopa will be:

S R2 M2 P D2 N3 S // S N3 D2 P M2 R2 S

Technically, it can be seen that the raga can be obtained by adding D2 to Hamsanadam.

Hamsanadam : S R2 M2 P N3 S // S N3 P M2 R2 S

Saranga tarangini : S R2 M2 P D2 N3 S // S N3 D2 P M2 R2 S

(Originally, Hamsanadam was sung with Shadsruthu Dhaivatham (D3) as:

S R2 M2 P D3 N3 S // S N3 D3 N3 P M2 R2 S,

But nowadays, Hamsanadam is sung without Dhaivatham)

There is a story behind Saranga tarangini and GNB. When GNB came to know that TN Rajarathinam Pillai played Kalyani and did an expansive vinyasa omitting the gandhara,

he hummed the phrases and found it had enough to be a ragam of its own and composed the song Samana rahite. Since the raga name was not known to GNB at that time, he named it Ramaasadani and his disciple TR Balu sang it on the radio. M.M. Dandapani Deshikar, after listening to the radio programme, called GNB, congratulated him and also told him that the raga had an older name called Saranga tarangini. B.M. Sundaram mentions the existence of this raga in earlier days in his book Palai Yazh.

Meditative exposition of the raga Sarangatharangini:- (According to Sri. Vijay Kannan, flautist) “Can a raga remind you of your home, your childhood, the happy times in your life? I think this raga can. Saranga-tharangini is a beautiful raga that can remind one that the world is not a bad place despite all that is happening. It has that magic which reminds us to be resolute and not give up”.


SamAna rahithe - G.N.Balasubramaniam

Kannan piranthan – Subramanya Bharathi

Only the GNB composition is heard sung in these. The composition is on his ishta devatha, as he refers ‘Himadri tanaye’ and ‘Kumara janani’ (Goddess Parvathi);


samAna rahitE amba sajjana manOllAsitE


kumAra jananI bhAnu kOTi vijita prabhAkarE


ramA vANi sakala dEvatArAdhita padayugaLE

himAdri tanayE mAyE hEma sangha sahajAtE”

There are many uploads available, sung by different musicians; but the great MLV has given an excellent alapana of the raga also; let us listen to the legend.

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