“Vardhani” is a janya of Mela (11) raga Kokilapriya, which itself is not a prominent raga; only very few compositions known and sung. Vardhani loses the Rishabham (R1) from the arohanam notes of Kokilapriya, while keeping the avarohanam same. Also it is slightly vakra and contains two Madhyamams and Panchamams in the arohanam. The notes are: Aroh: S G2 M1 P M1 P D2 N3 S; Avaroh: S N3 D2 P M1 G2 R1 S

While SSP does not give any reference to this raga, Ragapravaham by D.Pattammal places it under three mela ragas;

Under mela (11) Ragam Kokilapriya,

S G M P D N S - S N P D P M G S

S G M P M P D N S - S N D P D P M G R S

Under mela (24) Ragam Varunapriya,

S G M P M P D N S - S N P D M G R S

And under mela (69) Ragam Dhathu vardhani,

S M G M P N D S - S N D P M G R S

S R G M P M N D S - S N D P M G R S

Prof. S.R.Janakiraman is of opinion that the raga can be obtained from mela !!) Kokilapriya, as well as mela (23) Gourimanohari; in which case, there will not be any Rishabham in the avarohanam; the ragaswaroopa being S G M P D N S – S N D P M G S

The only composition found in this raga is the Thyagaraja krithi, “manasA mana sAmarthyamemi”.

pallavi: manasA mana sAmarthyamEmi O anupallavi: vinu sAkEta rAju vishvamanE rathamu nekki tana sAmarthyamucE dAne naDipincenE caraNam: alanADu vashiSTAdulu paTTamu gaTTE palukula vini vEgamE bhUSaNamula nosagina kaikanu palumAru jagambulu kallala nina ravijuni mAya vala vEsi tyAgarAja varaduDu dA canaga lEdA

In this composition Saint Thyagaraja says that without God’s grace, man’s ability alone does not count.


O My Mind! Listen!

Of what avail our skills?

Lord rAma – King of ayOdhyA - bestower of boons to this tyAgarAja, mounting on the chariot called the Universe, is driving it Himself by His own skill!

That day, didn't He, by casting His mAyA net, change (the minds of) kaikEyi who, immediately on hearing (through her maid servant mandara) the words of vasishTha and others regarding crowning of rAma, gifted away her ornaments (to her maid servant), and sugrIva who often lamented that the World is illusory?

Of what avail our skills?

Sharing a great rendition of the Thyagaraja krithi, by vid. Manda Sudharani.

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